June 11/2011 NS Grape Blog

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello folks, as you may have heard I am currently on maternity leave but I will try to keep an online presence in the form of a NS Grape Production Blog…

It has been a cold and wet start to the 2011 season and things are looking to be about 2-3 weeks behind schedule depending on where you are located so I noticed this article in a recent newsletter from Dr. Mark Chien that I thought would be of interest regarding ‘short season viticulture’ It’s looking like this season may be even shorter than usual, although I am holding out hope for a prolonged summer/fall to make up for this lack of spring!!!

Winter/Spring seems to be the best time for meetings and presentations regarding grape production and wine making – however if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day this spring… you can catch up on the Brock University Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute Lecture Series by clicking on the link. A couple I would recommend for this time of year are the lectures on Nitrogen Fertilizers and Trunk Diseases as well as the lecture on Botrytis!

If you are wondering what products are now registered in Canada for grape production, the 2011 Grape Disease Management Schedule and the Organic Grape Disease Management Schedules have been updated and are available on our website.

It is our hope that these blogs can become an interactive forum for growers across the province so if you have any comments or would like to share information about what’s happening in your vineyard with other producers here in NS, please feel free to post below or send me an email at r.cheverie@agrapoint.ca and I will make every effort to get the information posted in a timely manner!

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