Spring has sprung... a little too early!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello folks, I am back from my maternity leave and ready to dive back into the world of Horticulture in Nova Scotia... and it's a good thing given that the weather lately (excluding today!), has us on track for an early spring. I have been receiving grape updates from across the NorthEast (Ontario, North Carolina, Pennsylvania) all discussing the potential for frost damage due to the unseasonably warm temperatures we've been seeing this March. I sent out an email last week with an article from Hans Walter-Peterson, Finger Lakes Grape Program regarding early bud break... and this week I thought I'd share with you an article written by Kevin Ker in Ontario. It has a great illustration on how temperature affects deaclimation of grape vines and while we may not be seeing bud break just yet in these parts, he indicates that the vines could be much more sensitive to cold temperatures and frost after the warm weather we had for the last few weeks and offers a few suggestions to help you protect your vines.

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