Grape Pest Management Guide - New Pesticides Update

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hi Folks,

It was great to get caught up with many of you at the Atlantic Wine Symposium this week in Halifax.  What a great lineup of speakers.  I am still trying to sort through all my notes and hope to use some of it in upcoming blog posts!

A number of people were asking about updates to the Grape Disease Management Schedule on our website - even though it says 2011-2012, it is missing alot of the new products that were registered over the past year.  I have decided to completely revamp the format so it matches the rest of our pest management guides so I will use this blog as a spot to highlight some of the  new product registrations that have occured since the last pest guide revision.  In my last post I mentioned Switch a new fungicide for Botrytis, so in this post I will talk about a few other new products that were registered since the last update of the pest guide.   Please note that I am enclosing some of the pertinant information from the label below but ALWAYS READ THE ENTIRE LABEL for safe use and handling instructions for all pesticide products! 

Spray Oil 13E has been registered for suppression of mites and powdery mildew.  The rate is 10L of product per ha.  Do not apply in less than 1000L of water/ha (or a 1% solution) or phytotoxicity may occur.  Make the first application for powdery mildew before bloom and every 10-21 days after depending on disease pressure.  Use the shorter spray interval when conditions are severe.  Do not tank mix with copper more than once per season and never when fruit are present.  Do not use oil within 14 days before or after captan, and because not all varieties have been tested for tolerance, you should always spray a small area of each variety to determine no ill effects before making it a general field practice.  Click here to read the entire label. 

Presidio has been registed for downy mildew.  The rate is 220-292ml/ha .  For resistance management Presidio must be tankmixed with another fungicide registered for downy mildew with a different mode of action (ie. Captan).  Initiate spray program at flowering or when disease conditions become favourable and continue every 7-14 days.  Use the higher rate and shorter spray interval if disease is present.  Click here to read the entire label. 

Inspire has now been registered for Powdery Mildew at a rate of 292ml/ha.   Begin applications at bud break and apply on a 11-21 day interval making no more than 2 sequential applications before alternating to a fungicide with a different mode of action.  Use the shorter interval when conditions are more conducive to disease.  A minimum spray volume of 150L/ha is recommended.  Click here to the read the entire label. 

Tivano has now been registered for Downy Mildew on Grapes. Apply in an 8-12% dilution every 7-10 days when conditions are conducive to disease development.  Use of a surfactant may increase coverage.  Click here to read the entire label. 

Acrobat has also been registered for Downy Mildew on Grapes - label has not yet been updated on the PMRA label website, but I will update the link as soon as it becomes available. 

Aim is a herbicide that has been registered for sucker control in grape production. 
For management of undesirable sucker growth, apply 150 mL of product per hectare or 75 mL of
product/100L of water, using 200 L/ha spray mixture per treated area. Maximum 2 applications
per year. Preharvest interval is 30 days for all food crops listed below. Apply with an adjuvant
such as Agral 90 or Ag-Surf at 0.25% v/v (0.25 litres per 100 litres of spray solution) or use
Merge at 1% v/v (1 litre per 100 litres of spray solution). Direct spray at the base of the fine for sucker control with special precaution to not get spray on fruit, foliage or tender growing parts. 
Click here to read the entire label.

Nova has been labeled for suppression of Anthracnose in grape.  The rate is 340g/ha.  Begin application when new shoots are 3-8cm in length and continue on a 14 day application schedule.  Do  not use more than 3 applications per season.  Click here to read the entire label. 

Assail has been registered for phylloxera on grape (aerial form only).  Rate is 80g/ha.  Do not make more than 2 applications per season. Do not apply more than once every 14 days. Do not apply less than 3 days before harvest. Observe a 3-day PHI.Do not exceed a total of 112 g active ingredient (160 g product) per ha per season.  Click here to read the entire label. 

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