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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hi folks,

I hope harvest is going well and I'm sure it's pretty busy on the crushing room floor these days!  I just wanted to pass along some information for the next series of Northern Grape Webinars that start on November 20th.  If you haven't already checked these out, it's a great way to hear the latest research and information without ever having to leave home (it's the only 'conference' you'll be able to attend in your PJ's).  You can sign up and join each presentation 'live' online or you can check out their website for a list of all the archived presentations they've given over the years.  If you join live, you have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and other 'audience' members!

You can check out information on the Northern Grapes Project here. You will find information on their research objectives and their monthly newsletters (there's some timely information on there right now regarding wine deacidification) as well as a link to their archived webinars and a spot to sign up to join in this years webinar series! 

Here's a peek at their upcoming webinar schedule!   Cheers, Rachael 

November 20, 2014

“Trellis Design and Construction and Pruning Fundamentals Prior to Your First Cut”

Steve Lerch, Cornell University and Mike White, Iowa State University


December 16, 2014

“Stuck on you – Sulfur Spray Residues in the Vineyard and Winery”

Chris Gerling and Gavin Sacks, Cornell University


January 13, 2015

“Emerging Cold Hardy Wine Grape Cultivars”           

Tom Plocher, Northern Winework, Inc. and Mark Hart, Mt. Ashwabay Vineyard & Orchard


February 10, 2015

“Comparing and Contrasting Vertical Shoot Positioning and Top Wire Cordon Training Systems”

Tim Martinson, Cornell University; Bob Utter, Flying Otter Vineyard and Winery; and John Thull, University of Minnesota


March 10, 2015

“Tannin Addition and Retention in Red Hybrid Wines”

Anna Katharine Mansfield, Cornell University


April 14, 2015

“Branding Studies for Cold Climate Wines”

Bill Gartner, University of Minnesota

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