Upcoming Food Safety Webinar (of interest to wineries)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Join Perennia’s Quality and Food Safety Specialist Elaine Grant on Tuesday, January 19, at 2 PM for Building the Future of Food Safety Technology the second in a three-part series featuring Dr. Darin Detwiler, LP.D., the founder and CEO of Detwiler Consulting Group, LLC.

This presentation focuses not on the answers but on the questions that should be asked by those involved in food safety/quality/defence/security/and authenticity from the farm to the table. Dr. Detwiler breaks this topic into a few key points based on his work with industry and the research behind his book:  Building the Future of Food Safety Technology: Blockchain and Beyond.

For this session, Dr. Detwiler has identified to Elaine that the session may be of interest to wineries, along with the other specific industries.

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