Best Practices: The beginning of the season 2021

Monday, May 17, 2021

We’re starting the season of 2021. This season, in each Best Practices session, we’ll have a presentation from a local researcher, a summary of weather, a presentation on the current activities and management strategies for the local NS vineyards and finally a discussion among growers, including their experiences and insights.

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This session has the following speakers:

- 01:52 Dr. Harrison Wright: Wine Grape Bud hardiness, Viability and Frost Tolerance - 21:28 Jeff Franklin: 2021 Weather summary - 42:37 Francisco Diez: Vineyard Activities - 57:15 Growers Discussion: Steve Ells president of GGANS and owner of Ellslea farms and Marcel Kolb, Vineyard Manager of Luckett Vineyards.

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