Sprayer material information

Thursday, May 6, 2021

In the first Best Practices session of 2021, we discussed the sprayer calibrations, the importance of sprayer and products to be applied at the beginning of the season. In this publication, you will find all the resources mentioned during the session.

First, calibration of sprayer with rate controllers, presented by Thomas Harrington, Agri-Environmental Specialist of Perennia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP9F00yDza0

These 2 interviews were done at Orchard Outlook podcast by Michelle Cortens, Tree Fruit Specialist. Please, take a look to additional material available in the podcast as well
  1. Part 1: https://anchor.fm/orchard-outlook/episodes/E5-S2--Part-1-Speaking-of-Sprayers-eqtnp0
  2. Part 2: https://anchor.fm/orchard-outlook/episodes/E6-S2--Part-2-Still-Speaking-of-Sprayers-es0931

This presentation by Dr. Kevin Ker at the GGANS summer tour explains the main products expiring the coming season and outlines some strategies to be adopted:

  1. 9:30​ Grape Pesticide Choices 2021 Dealing with registration changes. Kevin Ker, PhD, KCMS Applied Research and Consulting

In OMAFRA publication, you will see the products mentioned by Kevin, as well as other products: https://onfruit.ca/2021/04/26/update-on-pesticides-for-grapes-2021/

Perennia Grape production guide 2021 is the local guide available online at the following direct link: https://www.perennia.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Grape-2021-PEST-GUIDE-WEB.pdf