Veraison and tissue sampling

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

In the last couple of weeks, the grape clusters have been changing slowly from dark green color to more yellowish or reddish, to be turning their final color. This process is known as veraison, the grapes start the synthesis of color, plus the accumulation of sugar and degradation of acids. Also, once the grapes reach veraison, it’s a good time for tissue sampling for nutritional purposes.

Figure 1. Pinot noir

Figure 2. Baco noir

In the following link, Grape Tissue Sampling, it’s possible to find more information on how to collect tissue samples. With information obtained from tissue sampling, you can see potential deficiencies and take the appropriate strategy to remediate or increase the nutrient levels in the future.

As in the case of our previous publication at bloom, I also recommend watching the video created by Cornell University Cooperation Extension with a clear and graphic explanation on how to proceed successfully in the petiole sampling.