Best Practices Session 6

Thursday, December 2, 2021

The season 2021 is done, or almost done in case of the growers who are hanging grapes for ice wine. It was an interesting season which passed quite fast. After all the hard work, now it’s time to see the highlights in terms of climatic conditions and how it was overall. How was it compared to the other years? Or in terms of grape ripeness, was it possible to see differences between previous seasons? This is only focus of this last practices session of the year!

This time, Jeff Franklin will provide a summary in terms of the weather conditions for the season 2021 and explain the first bud hardiness results. Following, Nesli Ivit, Winemaking & Innovation specialist at Perennia, will be presenting grape parameters and compare them with previous season. Francisco Diez, will give highlights from 2021 and compare them with previous years. Moreover, we will have a discussion with a new grower, Anne-Marie Muttart, who will share her first harvest and finally our usual great panellists will finish with an overall of their season.

This session our agenda will be as follows:

  • Jeff Franklin: Weather wrap up and bud hardiness reports
  • Neslihan Ivit: Grape ripening
  • Anne-Marie Muttart: First harvest highlights
  • Francisco Diez: 2021 highlights
  • Growers’ discussions: Steve Ells from Ellslea Farm and Marcel Kolb from Luckett Vineyards

The Best Practices session 6 will be next Thursday December 9 at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Registration is required, please see the following link:


Looking forward to meeting you at this session.