2021-2022 Nova Scotia Invasive Species Survey

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


By Dr. Debra Moreau and Jessica MacDonald, AAFC

 debra.moreau@agr.gc.ca or 902-402-5397    July 21

As part of the Canadian Grape and Wine Cluster, we are researching the distribution and impact of emergent and invasive insect pest species in the context of viticultural expansion in Nova Scotia. 

I am particularly interested in determining the presence of Grape Berry Moth and the spread in distribution of Japanese beetle. If you notice damage (descriptions of what to look for are provided below) and/or see either of these insects, please feel free to contact me. I will make every effort to visit your vineyard to collect any samples that you may have set aside. Please feel free to send me your photos of vineyard pests and insects of interest, just stick your thumb or some other known object in the frame so that I have a sense of scale.

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