Pruning in progress in Nova Scotia: available resources

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Spring is quietly coming while pruning is still work in progress through Nova Scotia vineyards. Due to our cool climate conditions, bud burst starts in average from middle of May in the earliest varieties to the early June in the latest varieties. While the pruning is still going, it’ll be good to keep in mind some resources available about pruning principals and strategies.

The following video is part of the winter webinar sessions ‘From Grapes to Wines Cool Climate webinars’. Our speaker, Marco Simonit from Simonit&Sirch, presents didactically some strategies to prune respectfully grapevines to keep them healthy and productive along their lifespan in cool climate zones. Through the presentation you can see various examples and images from many years of practical experience in different countries at Simonit&Sirch.

Here the hyperlink:

Moreover, to complement the previous video, it’s included a short article about some principles of grapevine pruning from Professors Alain Deloire and Simone Mariotti and Simonit&Sirch. There you can find basic considerations for grapevine sustainability, objectives, more literature, and some photos to illustrate the results.