AAFC Bud Hardiness Reports and Articles

Monday, April 25, 2022

Throughout winter AAFC, more specifically Jeff Franklin and Dr. Harrison Wright, have provided updates every 2 weeks about the bud hardiness reports. This information is quite valuable, as it permits to see how the bud hardiness in hybrids and Vitis vinifera varieties progress through the season and helps to take pruning decisions.

This is the second year that AAFC publishes the information in the Grape blog, currently all the reports from 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 are available at the Grape section of the Perennia web page. To have access to this information, please enter to www.perennia.ca. At the menu on the top of the screen choose the tab Agriculture and select the subpage Production Information. Once you are there, scroll slightly down until you see Fruit Crops, click it to expand and then select the photo of Grapes. There you have to scroll down to AAFC Bud Hardiness, where you will find the first report.

As a summary: www.perennia.ca > Agriculture > Production Information > Fruit Crops > Grapes

Moreover, in this publication you’re able to access to each report from the season 2021-2022:

Moreover, they provided two articles: