Best Practices Session 2

Thursday, June 2, 2022

In the weekly climate updates, we have seen an increase of temperatures throughout May, this change has increased the plant growth and more action is coming to the vineyards. Shoot thinning, first spray applications, weed management, the first wire movement, etc. are coming in the next couple of weeks and it’s important to be at the top of the activities from the beginning. Moreover, it’s time for the Best Practices session 2!

For this session our speaker Jeff Wentzell, Senior Agriculture Extension Coordinator Regional Services at NSDA, will present a Cost of Production Tracking Tool tackling the main vineyard activities. This tool will help to track the main costs in the vineyard to improve management decisions and have a better understanding of the areas that need more attention. After, like other sessions, Jeff Franklin will update us with the last weather observations until now in the season. Francisco Diez will present the main activities in the vineyards with a focus in shoot thinning. Closing our session, Steve Ells and Marcel Kolb will be discussing the activities happening in the vineyards and their observations.

This sessions agenda will be as follows:

  • Jeff Wentzell: Cost of Production Tracking Tool
  • Jeff Franklin: Weather update
  • Francisco Diez: Vineyard activities and emphasis on shoot thinning
  • Growers’ discussions: Steve Ells from Ellslea Farm and Marcel Kolb from Luckett Vineyards

The Best Practices session 2 will be next Thursday June 9 at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Registration is required, please see the following link or try the hyperlink: