Seasonal update 2022: post storm, GDD, ripening and harvest

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Last weekend hurricane Fiona hit our province, affecting throughout the vineyards and particular areas with more negative effects than others. Damage registered across the province is berry skin damage, some berry splitting and trellis system with broken poles. Extra attention must be considered with varieties expected to be hanged longer, scouting to take a look at any potential botrytis and products to manage them in case to be necessary. Moreover, as previous publications Jeff Franklin from AAFC Kentville is sharing with us the weather information of growing degree days and presenting less changes compared the middle of summer. Hybrids are in harvest mode, while some vinifera varieties are starting to be picked. Just remember, it’s always important to reach out the wineries to know which are the grape ripening requirements and when would be the best time to harvest the grapes.