Best Practices 5 recording available

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Last Wednesday January 25 was held the Best Practices session 5, which was wrapping up of growing season 2022, and it’s currently available on YouTube channel of Perennia and the direct link in this publication.

At this session, the outline was:

  • Jeff Franklin from AAFC KRDC: Plant Physiology from at AAFC, presenting about climate and bud hardiness.
  • Francisco Diez from Perennia: Growing season 2022, presenting a summary of weather conditions and their impact in the vineyards
  • Growers discussion with Danielle Graham vineyard manager at Benjamin Bridge, Marcel Kolb vineyard manager at Luckett Vineyards and Steve Ells owner of Ellslea farm and president of GGANS

Problems with the video? Try with the following link: