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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Tracking 2023 Vineyard Practices

Perennia's Viticulture Team is working to assess the effects of the polar vortex on the grape and wine industry in Nova Scotia. Injury has been reported across the entire province; however, the magnitude of the injury is not the same at all locations and is not the same for all cultivars.  For this reason, it is very important to collect data on the impact on vineyard operations and practices that have or anticipate being undertaken beyond normal practices to recover, renew or even replant vineyards that have been damaged.

Most growers have indicated in general terms that not all cultivars and not all blocks have been affected to the same degree.  For this reason, block and cultivar specific data needs to be collected by vineyard owners/managers to document increased costs and efforts (labour) for each block.  Simple data collection forms found below can be used to track and report important information.
To ensure that your vineyard is on our list to receive information regarding Perennia’s polar vortex recovery efforts and assessments, please provide contact and vineyard site information through the contact form

We are also in the process of organizing Kevin next visit June 15-17. If you would like to see Perennia's Viticulture Team in your vineyard in June or another time over the summer, please check the box in your completed contact form or email

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Next Thursday, June 1st, spend your noon hour discussing what's happening it the vineyard and getting advice from others in the field. Next weeks topic Early season pest control and product selection/restrictions for 2023

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