14 June-Weekly Update and Save the Date: Cover Cropping Info Session 24 July 2024

Friday, June 14, 2024

Happy Friday Dear Readers!

I hope this week has treated you well, and you received some rain. I must admit, I was caught in a quick vineyard downpour a couple of days ago. Currently, we are sitting at 11.7mm for June. 

May saw ½ the rain amount than the historical average. The Precipitation and GDD information is attached at the bottom of this week’s update.

Here we go!


Phylloxera: by Deb Moreau at AAFC:

In the past few weeks, phylloxera crawlers were seen emerging from the soil in L’Acadie Blanc blocks and early leaf galls on varieties that are known to be susceptible to leaf galling (e.g., Frontenac). These observations are earlier than usual.

Soil temperatures (35 cm) have been well above average for this season to date which is likely a significant contributor to early soil emergence.

Visual inspections for galls on leaves should be ongoing now.

Control: If needed, Movento is a registered product that is available for conventional systems (not organic). It acts as a systemic (the vine will uptake in roots and leaves) and has good efficacy, long-lasting (30 days between applications). It will act on phylloxera when they feed.

Application Time: Early season application will be more effective in suppressing populations than if applied later in the season.

Pesticide Alert: Movento can also be toxic to bees. Do not spray at bloom or when bees are active.

Cultural controls can include creating reservoirs for beneficial species like green lacewings, syrphid flies and other generalist predators and parasitoids.

Please Remember:  

While completing your field work, scout your sites for Phomopsis and Erineum Mite as well. They may already be present in the vineyard.

Phenology and Vineyard Work Update:

                                                       New York Muscat 13 June 2024. 

The Valley:

  •      Vigorous Varieties (NY Muscat; Marquette) are at about 40cm- 45cm in shoot length and between 6-8 leaves separated.
  •      Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are about 30cm in shoot length and about 5-6 leaves separated.

     Kentville Research Station:

  •   Marquette: 10 leaves separated;
  •   L’Acadie: 7 leaves separated;
  •   NY Muscat: 8 leaves separated.

Toward the Malagash Area:

·     Last week, growth was reported at 3-4 leaves separated on 10cm shoots.

o   This is variety and weather dependent of course.

 Vineyard Activity:

Depending on your site, growers are at the suckering stage -actively suckering and some already completed. 

Upcoming Events: Cover Cropping Info Session

Date: 24 July 2024

Location: Benjamin Bridge Winery

Time: 5:30-7pm

Admission: Complimentary

You are more than welcome to sip on a glass of wine during the session. The Benjamin Bridge staff will be on hand during the event. 

Dr. Kevin Ker will be arriving for another visit next week; We will be seeing the Yarmouth-Bear River area. I am looking forward to meeting the growers and chatting all things vineyard.

Thank you all for your time this week, and I hope you enjoy the weekend.



GDD and Precipitation up to 13 June 2024. 

Growing degree days, base of 10 °C starting on April 1

Current Year

10-Year Average




25-Year Average


Current Year










        11.7 **













*Growing degree days, calculated using the average method, and Sine degree days up to June 13. Sine degree days are calculated using the single sine method.

*Information provided by Jeff Franklin and the Kentville Research Station team.