Thursday, June 27, 2024


Hello Dear Growers!

Last week we did quite a trip across the province! Over 1600km of driving, 15 sites visited and a lot of learning. Thank you to the growers we met with and to those whom we may have missed, we will see you soon!

This week, I would like to focus on pest protection. With the rainy weather forecasted for the next couple of weeks (hopefully we get some breaks in between), this is prime season for:

Black Rot, Downy Mildew along with Powdery Mildew, Phomopsis Cane and Leaf Spot.

Pre-bloom through to fruit set is a critical period for disease control! Often this is an ideal time for the use of systemic products that once dry, are not easily washed off and can protect clusters throughout the bloom period. All of these diseases can infect fruit clusters and result in poor fruit set and crop loss!

Please refer to the Perennia pest guide for product information, follow the labels and ensure you get good coverage on your vines.

Phylloxera is also very much present. Ensure that you are scouting and acting well in advance. Please do not spray insecticides during bloom- if needed, use them prior to or after bloom is complete.

There are several products for phylloxera available; consult the online pest guide tool as it will also inform you which groups you may/ may not use together and avoid resistance.


Vine Observations:  Heat Stress 

Visual symptoms may include:

·       Leaf rolling and cupping.

·       Wilting

·       Scorched or dried leaf margins


Be aware that phytotoxicity (spray) burns can look very similar to the photos above- especially if pesticides and/ or foliar nutrients were applied during high heat situations when vines are under temperature stress.


Be sure to follow label instructions when using products. Remember that some hybrid cultivars are sulfur sensitive, and use may result in leaf and/or cluster injury.


Growth Stages:

Depending on your area, site and cultivar:

L’Acadie: Full Bloom.

Baco Noir: Full Bloom to fruit set

New York Muscat: 14-16 leaves separated.

Chardonnay: 10-12 leaves separated

Pinot Noir: 10-12 leaves separated


Kentville Research Station:

A Quick Reminder:

Do join us for our Cover Cropping Session. The details and GDD information are presented below.

 Upcoming Events:

Cover Cropping Info Session

Location: Benjamin Bridge Winery

Date: 24 July

Time: 5:30-7pm.




25-Year Average


Current Year










        41.5 **













*Up to June 26, 2024

Growing degree days, base of 10 °C starting on April 1

Current Year

10-Year Average






*Up to June 26, 2024


Thank you all for your time this week and see you soon.