Second Best Practices Session of 2021

Thursday, June 3, 2021

The season has started approximately in May 14 thanks to the constant increase of temperatures (see The beginning of 2021: Weather update and bud burst) and currently the grapevines are growing quite fast. Thus, the second Best Practices session will be providing an update on weather conditions and their impact on the vines, and on the current and upcoming activities in the vineyard.

In this session Dr. Kendra McClure, Molecular Biologist at Perennia, will be providing information about grapevine virus diseases results in our local vineyards. Complementing this session will be the usual speakers to discuss the activities in the vineyard.

This session our agenda will be as follows:

  • Dr. Kendra McClure: Grapevine viruses in Nova Scotia
  • Jeff Franklin: Weather update
  • Francisco Diez: tucking and shoot thinning, weed management, and tissue sample
  • Growers discussions: Steve Ells from Ellslea Farm and Marcel Kolb from Luckett Vineyards

The second Best Practices session will be next Thursday June 10 at 6:30 pm from Zoom. Registration is required, please see the following link: