Nova Scotia Cool Climate Wine Growing Region Second Publication

Thursday, November 25, 2021

On November 4, a second scientific paper that we wrote with the information gathered from the Nova Scotia Terroir Study was published. In this paper, you can find information on the grapevine growth patterns through each season, main phenological stages, climatic information, fruit characteristics and more. If you have not seen this document, please check this link Nova Scotia Cool Climate Wine Growing Region New Publication.

This paper is complementary to our first publication which covers how the local conditions can influence the local production and provides information to understand more viticulture under cool climate conditions. In this second paper, the focus are the nutrients, how they influence the grapevine behaviour and their impact in grape production.

You can read the paper here Nutritional status differentially affect yield and must composition of hybrids and V. vinifera varieties established under cold climate conditions.

If the hyperlink doesn’t work, please try with the following link:

Stay tuned, as a new winter webinar sessions are coming!