Best Practices Session 5

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The season has moving quite fast, with a good amount of precipitation and heat units. Currently, a big percentage of grapevines has achieved veraison, depending locations through the province, which means is time to prepare the vineyard for harvest. Thus, it’s time for the Best Practices session 5.

At this time Nesli Ivit, Winemaking & Innovation specialist at Perennia, will be presenting about grape sampling and analytical parameters before harvest. Complementing this session, Jeff Franklin will be back with his updates on the weather conditions and the usual speakers will discuss the activities in the vineyard.

This session our agenda will be as follows:

  • Jeff Franklin: Weather update
  • Neslihan Ivit: Grape sampling and analytical parameters
  • Francisco Diez: Vineyard preparation
  • Growers’ discussions: Steve Ells from Ellslea Farm and Marcel Kolb from Luckett Vineyards

The Best Practices session 5 will be next Thursday September 9 at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Registration is required, please see the following link:


Looking forward to meeting you at this session.